If I am a foreigner, can I get my loan?

In Astro Finance we offer our users the best possible loan, always adapted to your needs. Of course, if you have been living in Spain for a short time, it is normal for you to ask yourself: “If I am a foreigner, can I get my loan at Astro Finance? If you are interested, read on.


Astro Finance loan if I am a foreigner: is it possible?

Credit loan if I am a foreigner: is it possible?

First of all, you know that through our Astro Finance Loans website you can get up to 50,000 dollars. We work with the best financial institutions and banks to get you unbeatable conditions, so you can have the amount you need at the moment, in a matter of 24 hours and paying as little as possible. But what requirements must be met?

If you take a look at our loan website you will see that we are completely transparent with the information. That is, we are always clear and we don’t like the fine print. So we look for, compare and negotiate with the top entities the best bank loans.

But what conditions are we talking about? At the moment we offer up to 50 thousand dollars and from 4.75% APR, without commissions, in 24 hours and without paperwork. You just need your account.

The first step is to download the Astro Finance app, register and connect your bank accounts. After doing so, you will see your credit score and that figure will determine how much money you can opt for and under what conditions.


So … If I am a foreigner, can I get my loan?

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Of course it is. As long as you meet the requirement to add your bank account, you should do so by registering with Astro Finance to see how much money you can choose from the loan and the conditions. So you simply need to have a bank account in Spain so we can validate your data and send you the loan money.


In what cases can a loan suit me?

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If you have been in Spain for a short time, you may need extra money to buy a home, pay for some studies, buy a car, etc. In short, any expense associated with your pace of life, whatever you need. Because after connecting your bank accounts you will see how much you can request.

In addition, as you improve your credit score, the better the terms of the loan you will be able to access. So the more you save each month, the more advantages you will have and the better the loan.


What other alternatives are there?

credit loan

If the Astro Finance loan does not convince you, remember that you can opt for other financial products. For example, if you are a foreigner, you may also find the 0% Amazon gift voucher interesting. In this way, you will have another option to have extra money if you need it.

The Amazon check is interesting; because you can finance up to 1,000 dollars and 0%. It is ideal if you want to shop and pay more comfortably, at your own pace.


You decide which financial product best suits your needs 

You decide which financial product best suits your needs & nbsp;

It is important that you know all the ways we can help you. In addition, you can do it directly from the Astro Finance app, because from the first minute the app helps you save money.

It’s a way that you know you’re not alone. So remember, if you are a foreigner you can deposit your trust in Astro Finance from now on so we can help you out and help you with everything.